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A Farewell Message from Dr. Bob Blackburn

Today is a special day. After 41 years working with an amazing team of people to collect, preserve, and share Oklahoma history, it is my last day of public service.

There are many things I will miss, such as bringing in collections, collaborating on exhibits and publications, launching new projects, giving speeches across the state, and developing action plans to take advantage of our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. In an odd way, I even will miss dealing with challenges such as budget cuts and convincing others that change is often necessary for progress.

Most of all, I will miss working with friends and associates. I have been fortunate to have the support of partners that run the gamut from governors, legislators, and congressmen to business leaders, donors, and other public servants. I have had mentors who helped show me how I could be a better public servant. I have had friends who shared my frustrations and celebrated with me when we reached goals.

A special place in my memory will be reserved for my colleagues who share my passion for history. This includes board members, past and present, fellow staff members who know all too well the challenges we face day in and day out, and the members of the Oklahoma Historical Society who care enough about our shared history to join and contribute to our mission. To all of you, I say one last time, thank you for your friendship, your support, and your faith in a skinny little kid who 41 years ago wanted to know more about history. Good bye

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