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Patti’s Mature Fashion

Throughout Patti’s career, her fans could have found her on the stage of the country’s poshest nightclubs. Even when her recorded work was greatly in demand, club appearances in New York and Las Vegas consumed much of Page’s time and energy. Over the decades, her appeal to nightclub audiences remained strong.                   

Unlike most other pop singers, Patti blended country music styles into many of her songs. As a result of this crossover appeal, many of her singles appeared on the Billboard Country Chart. In the 1970s, she shifted her style more toward country music and began having even more success on the country charts, ending up as one of the few vocalists to have charted in five separate decades.                      

In the 1990s, Page lived near San Diego and made regular appearances on the nightclub circuit. Variety Magazine noted in 1990, “perhaps the most surprising thing about watching and listening to a live Patti Page show is realizing how little her pipes have changed. The head tones are as clear and the chest voice as rich as in the golden Mercury Record days.”                       

Somewhere between a true artist and an occupier of the right place at the right time, Patti was without question one of the best-loved singers of the postwar era. In 1997, Patti Page was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. She was posthumously honored with the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 2013.  

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