D.M. Faulkner

Telling the History of Claremore…one story at a time   This was published in the Claremore Progress, Centennial Edition, June 27, 1993 – By Ken Willhoite FAULKNER HOME PASSES THROUGH GENERATIONS   It sits hidden from view at the edge of the Dog Creek Valley. With its massive size, broad wraparound porch and architectural details that… Read More

Lee F Gilstrap Bugle Boy of Company B

Telling the History of Claremore…one story at a time   This article was written by Larry Larkin and published in the Claremore Daily Progress, Edition April 16, 2017 LEE GILSTRAP-THE MEDAL WINNING BUGLER OF COMPANY B              He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way.  He had a boogie style that no one… Read More

Cooweesoowee District

Telling the History of Claremore…one story at a time     HISTORY OF COOWEESCOOWEE DISTRICT Part I BY MYRON A. HURD Submitted by the Claremore Museum of History                 Probably no area in Oklahoma enjoys a more fascinating history than Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, which encompasses the area referred to as “The… Read More

Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time.  WYCKOFF CORNER LONG WAY FROM HOLLAND             If you ask an old-timer how to get somewhere in Rogers County, don’t expect to hear the names of streets.  Probably what you’ll hear will be related in terms of “corners.”  A mile west of Wolf corner, half… Read More

The Claremore Museum of History is ready for spring with some bright and colorful flowers! Remember that the museum is operated entirely by volunteers and is open each Saturday from 11a – 3p. Stop by and take a look!… Read More

Claremore Musuem

CLAREMORE MUSEUM OF HISTORY HONORS THE EARLY PEOPLE     History is the chronological accomplishments of a certain group of people.  If you lose this history, it is as though these people never existed.  Claremore Museum of History honors the people that established this great city.   The exhibits start in 1802 with the coming of the Osage Indians. … Read More

Lynn Riggs Dedication Claremore History Museum

Telling the History of Claremore…one story at a time   CLAREMORE MUSEUM OF HISTORY PRESENTS THE LYNN RIGGS MEMORIAL     The Lynn Riggs Memorial exhibit, inside the museum, has been professionally designed and constructed.             So, who is Lynn Riggs and why is he so important?  Lynn Riggs memorialized his hometown, Claremore, Oklahoma, making… Read More

Claremore Boathouse Jail

Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time. Claremore Daily Progress August 3, 2011 Larry Larkin Progress Correspondent Boathouse Jail CLAREMORE — It seemed to be a simple request and an interesting one to boot. Family friend Bob Clements approached me after Sunday church services a few weeks back and we were visiting in the parking lot.… Read More

 Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time. This story was published in the Claremore Progress, March 22, 2009. By Larry Larkin As far as I know, Gerome Riley never has authored a book.  He certainly knows how to tell a story, however.  This was proved once again last week when the lifelong Rogers County resident… Read More

Radium Baths Claremore

Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time. Radium Town, the Smell of Success Originally published in the Claremore Daily Progress on March 22, 2008.  The smell of rotten eggs is not a pleasant experience. Remember the last time you hid two dozen eggs for the little ones and they could only find 23… Read More

Yale Theater Claremore

Claremore Past: December 7, 1941, Life was Forever Changed   Originally published in the Claremore Daily Progress on December 8, 2007. Written by Larry Larkin.   It started out as a typical early December Sunday in Claremore. The weather was cool, but sunny. For most, thoughts were turning toward the approaching Christmas holidays. Many families had attended worship services… Read More

Cadet Grill Sign

Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time. Tracking a Claremore Memory  This article appeared in the Claremore Progress, August 12, 2007. Written by Larry Larkin.  An advertising sign hanging outside a business is a common sight. All types of businesses usually will have one or more.  Most of these signs announce the business name… Read More