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The 1975 Introduction to the Gridiron Show – Charlie Allton

Telling the history of Claremore…one story at a time.


By Charlie Allton
The 1975 Introduction to the Gridiron Show
Seems like it’s been a long, long time
Since I sat out here to rant and rhyme,
But I tell you folks, it’s a mighty sweet sight
To see you all out there tonight.
Now before I start, I want you to know,
That Stan has worked his head off to get a good show.
The cast have all worked hard, and I tell you folks,
They’ve got a pretty good line of songs and jokes.
I asked Stan how come that I had to start,
He said, “Uncle, it’s well understood if
They can stand that line of yours,
Nearly anything else will sound good.”
Now, at the banquet they told you about ’74,
And reviewed most of the things that had gone on before,
And I’m just hoping we will be here well and alive
To see what happens in ’75.
We have a good project going in Heritage Hills
That will cure the worst of our recreational ills.
To keep a town this size from being a bust,
A good golf course is almost a must.
We’ve got a dozen baseball fields,
And tennis courts galore.
But these old boys that want to play golf,
Ain’t got a single space to holler “Fore.”
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t play golf,
It holds no attraction for me.
Pounding hell out of a ball with a bag full of clubs,
Is something that I just can’t see.
But there are millions of people who love the game
And would like to play every day
And all the local boys have to leave town
If they get a chance to play.
Now these old boys have a lot of fun
And it makes for a better life,
And gives a good excuse to a lot of old boys
To sneak away from the wife.
Their score ain’t too good,
When they’re out on the course, the ball always takes a bad hop,
But ever dad gum one is shooting below par,
When they get together in the coffee shop.
I’m tickled pink to see the town grow,
And I want to help where I can.
Now I’m not a senior citizen,
I just happen to be an old man.
I’m trying my best to keep up with the times,
And get used to these modern ways.
But I’ll tell you the truth,
I’m glad that I lived in the horse and buggy days.
I’ve seen Claremore grow from a small country town
To a bustling city of world renown.
The old timers are mostly gone from the scene,
There’s just a few of ‘em still around.
Now I’ve told you once, but I’ll tell you again,
Some people that lived here and made it a town.
Silks, Sequiches, Stephens, Dawes,
Neilsens, Parsley’s, Flippins, Hause,
Beans, Lipes, Bacons, Breedens, Balls,
Millers, Murphy’s, McIntosh, Halls,
Davis, Foster, Casey, Yates,
Bessey, Bolings, Dowells, Kates,
Rollens, Bayless, Sullivans, Rice,
Lawry, Browns, Hutchins, Price,
Hills, Clines, Wilsons, Halfords, Snarrs,
Duckworth, Denn’s, Bryans, Stars,
Crittendens, Lewis, Hightman, Lloyd’s,
Bowers, Burgess, Burrows and Boyds.
Well, there were many others that I didn’t name,
And so durn many Alltons that it looked like a shame.
These guys say, “Charlie, you’re getting too old,
You ain’t much good for the town,
You stand around with a tear in your eye,
When they tear these old buildings down.”
Well folks, I’m going to tell you the truth,
Every time I see one of these old buildings
Tumbling down,
It takes a little bit of me.
But let me tell you a story,
That I know you have often been told.
If you don’t die while you’re still young,
You’re a dad gummed cinch to get old.
But getting old just ain’t all bad,
There are some things that make it nice.
Now I’m too old to set a bad example,
But I’m just right for giving advice.
And my advice to you now is just the same
As it’s always been before.
If you want to live in the best place on earth,
Just stay in Claremore.

Lisiting of Introductions for Claremore Gridiron 1970-1977

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